Tattoo Aftercare Scabbing and Peeling

tattoo aftercareAfter getting inked, tattoo aftercare is very important. How well you take care of it can make or break the tattoo design.

However, because the tattoo process results in skin injury, this will go through a healing process that may involve some degree of scabbing and peeling. It is important to prevent a fresh tattoo from overly scabbing to ensure the best results.

What are scabs? These form over scrapes or cuts on the skin to naturally protect the area against germs. If you do not keep the area moist, a thick and hard scab can form. Keeping it properly moisturised will help prevent bulky scabs and instead, only a thin membrane will be observed. The layer should slowly shed off without causing damage to the design.

The best way to care for your tat is to minimise contact with the area, keeping it clean and moisturised. After washing, gently pat it dry, careful not to rub the area. Apply a good tattoo aftercare lotion to ensure utmost healing and moisturisation. If you must wear clothing over the tattoo area, avoid those that are too tight to prevent chaffing the sensitive skin. Do not use lanolin based or petroleum based products. These are not intended for fresh tattoos and instead, may cause clogging of the pores and may get in the way of the healing process.

On the other hand, peeling occurs because of direct damage to the skin as seen in tattooing. A few days after the procedure, slight peeling can happen. However, do not pick or help peel the tattooed area as this can lead to infection or may ruin the tattoo design.

People heal in many different ways. Tattoo scabbing and peeling can occur so it is important to avoid scratching, picking, or rubbing the area to prevent infection and discolouration. If you follow the instructions of the tattoo artist and use the appropriate products on your skin, then the scabbing and peeling should be at a minimum.