Tattoo Aftercare: Important Tips In Taking Care Of A Foot Tattoo

tattoo aftercareFoot tattoos are sexy – period! And girls know it. That’s why most foot tattoos are seen on women. Some guys have tattoos on their feet, but foot tattoos look better and sexier on stilettos, open shoes/heels or even flip flops that women wear.

But there’s a downside with this particular tattoo placement. A foot tattoo is probably one of the difficult areas to provide wound care; it’s a tattoo aftercare nightmare, so to speak.

Very Prone to Infection

Our foot is very mobile. It goes through a lot of physical activity as part of a normal daily life. Also, our foot is close to the ground making it very prone to infections.

Very Slow Healing

Our foot is one area in the body that tends to pool blood and other bodily fluids. This poor circulation is the reason why foot tattoos take very long to heal. For this reason, you will be advised not to wear any sock, shoes or stockings for a couple of weeks.

Very Painful

The foot is probably one the most painful areas to get a tattoo. Also, a foot tattoo bleeds more and tends to ooze more, making tattoo aftercare more laborious. The reason for this is the fluid pooling of the foot, as mentioned above.

But do not fear, any problem has a solution, right? Below are some tips on how to provide proper tattoo aftercare of the foot.

Of all tattoo placements in the body, the foot tattoo needs proper timing to get one. Well actually, you can get a foot tattoo anytime you want, but if you get it on a rainy season for example, you’ll end up at the ER in no time. So timing is critical.

A vacation or holiday in the summer is the best time to get a foot tattoo, but you will have to sacrifice all your activities for at least two weeks. Tattoo aftercare is the same: wash, dry and apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare lotion. Repeat as need. Also, it is important to mention that not all aftercare products are made the same and After Inked is a premium product with food grade ingredients and grape seed and helps keep your tattoo moisturised while it is healing. That’s just a tip to get you on the beach in no time.