Tattoo Aftercare Frequently Asked Questions

tattoo aftercare

There is no universally accepted tattoo aftercare. That’s why every tattoo parlor or tattoo artist has their own instructions on treating a tattoo. This leaves a lot of tattoo newbies confused on proper tattoo care, how the outcome will be and a lot more. Below are frequently asked questions about tattoo aftercare:

What tattoo aftercare product should I use?

Believe it or not, some tattoo artists recommend products that are not meant to treat tattoo. Probably they want to stick to tradition or the old school way to treating a tattoo, but there are a lot of available products nowadays that are specifically made for tattoo care.

What should I look for in a tattoo aftercare?

Choose products that contain natural and herbal ingredients. Grape seed oil is one particular ingredient look for. This natural oil is excellent in condition the skin, it is also high in antioxidants, which really help in the healing process of a tattoo.

Is it fine for tattoo to ooze?

It depends. If you find clear amber colored fluid oozing out of your fresh tattoo, this is fine. That substance is actually plasma and is a natural process of wound healing. But in this case, we would like to wish off this plasma because it turns into a scab when it dries and could potentially routine the tattoo. If you notice any white, yellowish, green substance oozing out have it checked from your tattoo artist. This could be an infection or it could be ink oozing out especially if you have a white, yellow, or green designs on your tattoo.

Do you have to regularly clean the tattoo with an antiseptic?

No. Just clean water and an antibacterial soap will be fine. Regular antiseptics dry out the skin and can even affect the colour of the tattoo. Also remember to pat dry with a soft cloth. Never rub a fresh tattoo.

How long will a tattoo heal?

A tattoo is considered an open wound but caring or treating a tattoo is somewhat different from your usual wound care. If the tattoo aftercare went well, it will take about a month for a tattoo to totally heal.