Tattoo Aftercare: Care Instructions For A new Tattoo

tattoo aftercare

A tattoo is a form of body modification that involves using sterile needles and injecting indelible ink into the skin. Tattoo aftercare is an important part of the tattoo process. One may get the best looking tattoo, made by the finest tattoo artist but if the tattoo isn’t given proper care. The final result may not look as sharp or brilliant.

If you already have a fresh tattoo or planning to have one, it is best to know what to do with your newly made body art. Below are a few tips on how to take care of a fresh tattoo.

First thing to remember is that a fresh tattoo should be treated like an open wound. Any infection from direct contact (dirty poking fingers) or even air born bacteria (breathing/speaking over the tattoo) can wreak havoc to your new tat.

Prior to your visit to the tattoo parlor, you should have in hand an antibacterial soup, your favorite tattoo aftercare and lint free paper towels.

After getting inked, your artist will apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare lotion and will most likely wrap it with a bandage, but some will use clear plastic wrap. Always ask for the bandage, this allows the tattoo breathe, which actually help in the healing process. A plastic wrap do not allow air to flow through the tattoo, and this is commonly used to show off the newly made tat, which is not recommended.

After the bandaging is done go straight home. Your priority now is to keep your fresh tattoo from getting contaminated. Never show off your new art at this time, you will have plenty of time after it has healed.

After two hours, slowly remove the bandage and wash off any excess tattoo aftercare lotion using your antibacterial soap and warm water. You may notice some ink and amber colored fluid oozing out, this is normal. The amber colored fluid is called plasma and this fluid is part of wound healing. But in tattoo aftercare, we don’t need this because when plasma dries out, it turns into a scab.

After washing, pat dry. Then apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare. Repeat this washing, drying, and aftercare application, three times a day for three days. Then two times a day after that.

In about three to four weeks, your tattoo will totally heal. For continued brilliance, it is advisable to constantly apply your favorite aftercare lotion to condition your skin. It’s also good to apply sun block to your tattoo every time you go outdoors.