Tattoo Aftercare: Basic Tattoo Wound Care

tattoo aftercareA lot of people these days are getting a tattoo. Whether they are small or big, coloured or black, these permanent markings are one way of expressing oneself.

Getting a new tattoo is relatively painful, but others get used to the rapid needle pricking and others just bear the pain, this is the only way to get a permanent tattoo. Then there is the tedious task of taking care of your new tattoo. This is probably the most critical part of the tattoo process because if the tattoo gets infected, this could lead to hospitalization to tend to the wound or remove any necrotic flesh. In worst cases, amputation of the affected limb can occur, but this is very rare. It’s important to find a reputable professional tattoo artist.

It’s important to know all about tattoo aftercare before getting your new tattoo. Below are some general tips on how to take care of a new tattoo.

There are a few things you need to buy in preparation for getting a new tattoo. You’ll need cotton or lint-free paper towels, antibacterial soap (liquid preferred) and a good tattoo aftercare lotion to keep your skin moist.

The Bandage

After the tattoo session, your tattoo artist will ask you which type of bandage you would prefer: cotton gauze or a clear plastic wrap. Always go for the cotton gauze because this allows the tattoo to breathe, which help hasten wound healing. Also, the cotton gauze will absorb excess ink and some body fluids.

Wash It Clean

After a few hours, remove the bandage and wash your new tattoo using the liquid antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Expect the initial wash to be very slippery due to a yellow amber coloured body fluid called serum. After washing, pat dry and do not re-bandage.

Aftercare Lotion

Once your fresh tattoo is nice and dry, apply a thin layer of your favourite tattoo aftercare lotion. Do not use any nappy cream or lotion because these products are not intended for tattoo care and contain ingredients that could react with fresh tattoo ink.


Repeat this process until your new tattoo heals. In the initial stages, your new tattoo will constantly ooze serum, this should be washed off as often as possible because if the serum dries up, it will turn into a thick scab. We don’t want this to happen while a new tattoo is healing. So wash often.