Taking Care of Your Fresh Tattoo

fresh tattoo

Getting a fresh tattoo is great, especially if it’s your first body art. But a big question for first time tattoo goes is: how do I take care of my fresh tattoo? There are a lot of opinions on this and we all want the best out come from our tattoo. The goal in tattoo aftercare is a quick healing process, and it also important to consider the wound care technique in obtaining the best color possible.

The initial tattoo care will definitely come from tattoo artist and it is entirely up to you to follow these instructions. Below are general/basic guidelines on how to properly take care of a new tattoo. You can compare notes if you are willing, but the instruction below promises excellent results.

  1. Initial would care starts right after your tattoo artist is done with your tattoo. Typically, he/she will thoroughly clean and apply a thin layer of aftercare lotion on the tattoo area. The next step is dressing the tattoo, usually the artist will asked you if you prefer a plastic wrap or bandage. Go for the bandage, because this lets the tattoo breathe which is good for wound healing. Never show off your fresh tattoo during this time. Remember, your fresh tattoo is considered an open wound and you don’t want people looking, taking or even breathing over your tattoo.
  2. Remove bandage after 3 to 4 hours. This lets the multiple needle pricks to close up. At this time, it is safe to wash off any aftercare lotion. Use your hands, and gently wash your tattoo with an antibacterial soap. If you notice some yellowish substance oozing, this is called plasma and it’s a natural part of the healing process, but in tattoo care we don’t want this because plasma turns into a scab when it dies. After washing pat dry with a soft cloth. Do not re-bandage. Keep washing 3 times a day for a week and lesser intervals after the following week.
  3. Apply a thin layer of your favorite tattoo aftercare lotion. Re-apply 3 times a day. Today’s tattoo aftercare lotions contain grade seed oil which is great in moisturizing and also has an anti-oxidant effect, which really works well with the healing process.
  4.  Scabbing will form in about a week, it is imperative not to scratch your tattoo. You can slap it but never scratch it.

Also, after your tattoo have healed up it is also good to apply sun block every time you go out under the sun. This can delay or prevent colours of your tattoo from fading.