Skull Tattoos And Their Meanings

skull tattoosEveryone knows about skull tattoos and a lot of people have them. Strange thing is, the skull typically symbolizes death and mortality.

Now the big question is: why would anyone want to permanently ink something that means the end of life, destruction or annihilation of the living?

Actually, the ever popular skull or skull tattoos symbolizes a lot of things.  Aside from its negative meanings, it also have some positives like protection, strength and power. It can also mean overcoming difficult times and even death.

You may feel intimidated when seeing a skull tattoo at first glance, because they do appear sticking due to their appearance and coupled with their negative or dark backgrounds.  But the meaning of a skull tattoo varies greatly depending how it’s drawn.

Sugar Skull Tattoos

These skull tattoos are symbolic to the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead”, which is celebrated on November 1 and 2. November 1st, All Saints Day is dedicated to all dead children and infants.  November 2nd, All Souls Day is dedicated to all adults who are dead. The celebration involves wearing beautifully made mask called Calacas and Sugar skulls.

Girly Skull Tattoos

Skulls are generally masculine, but to make it more feminine, the designs have to be changed to make a girly look. Girl skull tattoos are coloured pink and some purple shadings, some even putting ribbons and heart shaped sockets. This is the tattoo of choice for women who want to have matching skull tattoos with their partner.

Skull and Rose Tattos

Skull and rose tattoos have very contrasting meanings because of the combination of a rose with represents life, hope and beauty and a skull representing death and decay. Having said that, the skull and rose tattoo is the opposite of all opposites, struggle between good and evil, life and death, beauty and ugliness, the yin and yang.