Scorpion Tattoo

scorpion tattooThe scorpion is one very amazing creature. This little arthropod may be small but it packs a punch when it comes to fear factor and it is one of the fierce predators out there. For this reason, a lot of people love to get a scorpion tattoo, they’re just beautiful to look at no matter what style they’re drawn in to the skin.

In astrology, the 8th sign in the Zodiac is the Scorpio and anyone born between October 23 and November 21 are called “Scorpios”. Astrologically, people under this sign are said to have sharp minds, intelligent and are in control of their destiny. They are effective puzzle solvers and have strong reasoning power.

Scorpion tattoo designs are a sure eye catcher and they can be interpreted in many ways.  A scorpion tattoo can be used to scare off evil spirits; it can protect the bearer from harm or evil plotting. Also it is a spiritual guardian, the sign symbolizes power as it is ruled by Mars; the God of War and Pluto; the God of the Underworld.

Meaning of Scorpion Tattoos

The meaning of scorpion tattoo differs from region to region. The most acceptable or more common belief of the scorpion tattoo is it acts as a guardian to the bearer, it provides protection and wards of bad luck. A good example:  in Ancient Egypt, the goddess Isis had two giant scorpions that act as her guardians.

The scorpion symbol is also used in Tibet, the sign is embossed on their weapons: swords, shields and armor as a protective charm. It is also believed that having a scorpion amulet drives away bad luck and keeps you away from harm.

The scorpion is really a powerful creature, consider yourself lucky being born as a Scorpio. If not, no problem, imbue its powers into yourself with a scorpion tattoo.