Rose Tattoos And Their Meanings

rose tattooAmong the floral tattoos, rose tattoos are probably the most popular designs. Even straight men get a rose tattoo simply because they’re just cool to look at. Roses are interesting and beautiful. It is primarily a symbol of love, but roses can have multiple meanings or symbolism depending on how they’re drawn.

Rose tattoos are popular because of their beautiful and interesting design. They are always good to look at whether they are colored or just black.

Rose tattoos have several meanings. Besides love, a rose can also symbolize beauty. A rose tattoo drawn with thorns can mean love can cause pain if you’re not careful or it could mean you can look but you can’t touch. People who like to have rose tattoos with thorns want to show others that they are capable to show deep and passionate love but carry some sort of risk with it.

The colour of the rose can differ its meaning too. The ever popular red rose means passion, love and romance. Deep red roses means desire or wanting, Pink roses signify finesse, gentleness and grace, yellow roses represents affection and companionship, orange roses signifies enthusiasm and excitement. White roses show pureness, youth and innocence while black roses represent darkness and death. Blue roses mean creativeness and full of imagination.

Although there are a lot of rose tattoos out there, the design can easily be change to fit your personality. Common tattoos you’ll find are roses with names in them, it is a typical man tattoo having their wife or girlfriend tattooed with a rose design permanently inked into them.

Rose tattoos can be out right beautiful but depending on how it’s drawn it can add a twist of mystery. A rose tattoo isn’t just for women or gay’s, straight men have them too. With this design you can never go wrong.