Removable Tattoo Ink

More and more people are getting tattoos. However, the number of individuals wanting to have their tattoos removed is also increasing. It is estimated that almost half of those with tats are dissatisfied with their design. Tattoo removal is time consuming, painful, and very costly. There is also no guarantee that the tattoo will be completely removed.

Thus, a new tattoo ink was developed that is supposed to be nonpermanent. The removable tattoo ink uses a technology called microencapsulation. This is a process in which minute particles are surrounded by a coating. In tattoos, a special polymer material is used as a shell coating that is clear enough for the pigments to show through, yet safe and nontoxic to be used in the skin.

This technology makes it possible to put a shell around the pigment particle keep the ink from fading into the skin. To remove the ink, the shell only needs to be broken. Compared to conventional tattoos that would need multiple laser sessions, this would be easier to remove and can possibly be done with single laser session.

The tattoo dye is then broken down into tiny fragments that can be carried away by the bloodstream.

However, some tattoo artists and purists are unconvinced. They view tattoos as works of art that are supposed to be a legacy. For them, the challenge is in finding tattoo ink that would last longer, not a removal ink.

Removable tattoo ink is also said to be more expensive than traditional pigments. This raises a question as to why people would spend more for a tattoo that they do not intend to keep permanently. This is a valid argument but so many individuals would also want to have the option to easily remove the tattoo design in later years.

Aside from the relative ease of removal, the so called removable tattoo inks are said to be safer compared to traditional inks. The polymer beads encapsulate and seal in all the components of the ink. It may cost more, but some would opt for semi permanent tattoo inks just to be on the safe side.