Proper Tattoo Aftercare

tattoo aftercareToday, getting a tattoo is very popular and taking care of a fresh tattoo is fairly easy that most people think. Before going to your tattoo parlor, it is important to do some reading on tattoo aftercare. This will help you prepare and buy all the stuff you need before going under the needle.

First of all, purchase all the things you need to take care of your tattoo and this include: aftercare tattoo lotion, liquid antibacterial soup and a couple of cotton towels. It is best to have these at hand, than buying them after the tattoo session.

After the artist is done with his/her work, a thin layer of tattoo aftercare lotion is applied to the tattoo and then applies a dressing or bandage. There are two types of bandages: your typical cotton gauze bandage and plastic wrap. It is best to use cotton gauze because it allows the tattoo to breathe which help hasten wound healing, it absorbs excess aftercare lotion, ink and other fluids.

Then go straight home, no more stop over’s since you got all you need to take care of your tattoo, this minimizes the risk of getting your tattoo infected. It is important not to show off your fresh tattoo or exposing it outdoors, as this is the common cause of an infection.

Upon reaching home, gently remove the bandage and wash off any excess aftercare lotion, using your antibacterial soap. You will notice amber coloured fluids or some ink oozing out. This is normal, just continue washing until your skin is no longer slippery.

After washing, pat dry using absorbed towels. Then apply your favorite tattoo aftercare lotion. Apply lotion as often as you want or every time your tattoo dries up. This will prevent the tattoo from developing a hard scab.

And that’s it, your fresh tattoo will completely heal within a month or so. Also remember to put sun block everytime you go outdoors. The UV rays can shorten the brilliant colours of your tattoo.