Proper Care For A Fresh Tattoo

fresh tattoo

Are you planning to get a Fresh Tattoo? Are you eager to get your new design etched into your body? This is what we all feel when we finally find the artwork of our liking. But remember, visiting your favorite parlor and getting the tattoo is the easy part. Taking care of your fresh tattoo is the most important part of the process, and this will directly reflect on the end result of your fresh tattoo.

Below are important tips on tattoo aftercare. You may find that some of these tips may not be included on the aftercare techniques suggested by your tattoo artist, but the general rule of proper wound care and cleanliness apply to all new tattoos.

  1. A tattoo should be treated as an open wound. It may not look like it, but underneath that skin are damaged tissues filled with dye.
  2. After the tattoo session, your artist may ask you which dressing you prefer. Dressings typically used are your typical bandage which is made of cotton or plastic wrap. Always go for the bandage, this will allow your fresh tattoo to breathe. Plastic wrap does not allow air flow and could cause breeding grounds of anaerobic bacteria.
  3. Keep the bandage on for 2 to 3 hours. This gives you a lot of travel time to go straight home to prevent any contamination. Never show off your “minutes” old tattoo, this can wreak havoc to your new ink if infected. Also, the 2 to 3 hours gives enough time to close up.
  4. After removing the bandage, immediately wash off excess aftercare lotion. Use warm water and a gentle antibacterial soap. You may find amber colored fluid stuck on your fresh tat, this is plasma and is typical in normal wound healing. If allowed to dry up, this will form a scab, so it’s important to wash it off. Pat dry.
  5. In a few weeks, scabbing and flaking can occur. During this time, your tattoo will be extremely itchy. Fight the itch urge, you can slap it, but don’t scratch it. Continue with warm wash and pat dry, that scab will fall off in no time.
  6. Now is the time to safely show off your fresh tattoo. But remember, to keep your tattoo vibrant, apply a premium tattoo aftercare lotion daily. Also to keep your tattoo from fading, apply sun block every time you go outdoors.