Products With Lanolin Are Not Recommended for Tattoo Aftercare

tattoo aftercare

The popularity of tattoos continues to grow. However, having a tattoo is not simply going to the tattoo artist, getting inked, and then going home to wait for the tat to heal. One of the mistakes being made is giving inadequate thought to caring for the tattoo after the procedure.

In choosing a tattoo aftercare product, be aware of the ingredients. Many products are being used for tattoos which are not really meant to be used for such. A tattoo is something permanent and you should make sure that you will get the best results possible. Do not use an ointment or cream that contains lanolin since it may cause the ink to smudge.

Lanolin is often found in inexpensive products to act as moisturising agent. It is also called wool wax or wool grease because it comes from the sebaceous glands of wool bearing animals, usually domestic sheep. The role of lanolin is to protect wool and aid in the waterproofing of the sheep. This is why lanolin derivatives became popular as a skin protectant in humans.

Lanolin is used as an emollient to help moisturise and soften the skin. In order to retain moisture, lanolin traps water within the pores of the skin. However, there are some side effects to lanolin use. Lanolin allergy is one of the problems that can occur. This can cause skin rashes and itchiness on the site. It may also cause soggy skin texture from excess moisture. Another side effect is lightening of the skin, wherein the skin tone goes from normal to white. Just imagine what would happen to your fresh tattoo if you happen to have this skin reaction. In people with sensitive skin, using a product with lanolin such as Bepanthen can leave your vulnerable to these possible side effects. Bepanthen is a diaper rash cream that is not intended to be used for fresh wounds such as tattoos.

It is not clear why a nappy cream like Bepanthen is being used as tattoo aftercare. Your new tattoo is a fresh wound and needs extra care. Therefore, apply a tattoo aftercare that is specifically meant for healing of tattoos.

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