Olympic Tattoos and Other Designs Displayed By Athletes at the London 2012 Olympics

olympic tattoosAthletes from around the world now have another way of expressing the pride they feel for representing their country at the Olympics. During the London 2012 Olympics, there seems to be an increasing number of athletes who chose to get inked with Olympic rings or sometimes combined with other Olympic tattoos. Most athletes display these on the back of the neck, the biceps, or upper back. Read on to know more about their tattoos.

Probably the most popular Olympic athlete at this time is Michael Phelps. Holding the all time records for gold medals, he is recognized as the greatest swimmer in history. Phelps has Olympic rings tattooed on his right hip. His fellow American swimmer Ryan Lochte, now also gaining popularity, has the ring tattoo on the inside of his right arm. Female U.S. swimmer Elizabeth Beisel displays her rings on her upper right thigh. Gymnast Jonathan Horton has the letters U.S.A. and the rings on his upper back. U.S. Archers Khatuna Lorig and Brady Ellison have these symbols tattooed on their right forearms.

Several Canadians have also followed this trend. Long distance swimmer Ryan Cochrane bears the Olympic rings on his left back, just below his shoulders. Canadian swimmer Alexa Komarnycky sports the rings on her nape. Brent Hayden Canada has a tattoo of a maple leaf and the Olympic rings on the center of his upper back, just below the nape. Julia Wilkinson is another Canadian athlete which has the same tattoo on her upper left thigh.

British athletes also have the Olympic rings inked on their bodies. British diver Nicholas Robinson Baker displays his tats on the left side of his chest. Tae Kwon Do player Sarah Stevenson has these rings on her ankle while swimmer Jamie King on her left upper thigh.

Irish equestrian Louise Lyons shows off Olympic pride through her horse, Watership Down, tattoed with the Olympic rings.

Other athletes with the Olympic rings tattoos are Sarah Poewe of the German national Olympic swimming team, Jessica Lopez of Venezuela, Illya Kvasha of Ukraine, and many more are expected to follow suit.

Getting Olympic tattoos has become a recent trend in the past Olympic games. It is said to have started with U.S. sprinter Chris Jacobs. The Olympic tattoos are perhaps one of the best symbols signifying the bond to an elite group of athletes.