New Tattoo for Harry Styles

new tattooHarry Styles of the famous English boy band One Direction shows off his new tattoo. Added to his collection of tattoos are a pair of masks: one showing a happy face, while the other a sad one, which commonly represents comedy and drama. Not only that, along the side of the masks are the initials “SMCL”. Harry never mentioned what the initials meant but based on the masks, SMCL probably means “smile more, cry less” or some fans speculate it means “Simon Cowell” who actually put the band together two years ago on X Factor.

The new tattoos are located on his left rib cage, as seen on a photo that surfaced on tweeter. Styles other tattoos are the words “Won’t stop, ‘til we surrender”, a large black star, an ice gem, a birdcage and his sisters name Gemma written in Hebrew.