Neck Tattoos – Yes or No?

Neck tattoos are one of the most in your face tattoos around. They are vivacious and stunning but if not done properly, can be a mess that is very hard to clean up. They also require quite a great deal of tattoo aftercare due to the size and detailing. Our pillow pack tattoo aftercare products may be quite convenient in this instance as they are resealable and portable.

There are quite a few things that you will need to consider before committing to a neck tattoo including the cost, ink quality and career implications. Most importantly, these decisions should be made only after you are 100% sure you will not have any regrets –


Neck tattoos are amongst the most expensive seeing as the neck is an extremely delicate area and is very close to the face. Even relatively small tattoos can be almost double the price of a larger tattoo on the arm of any other flat surface of the body. While it is true that you can get relatively cheap neck tattoos from smaller tattoo parlours or less experienced artists but you are probably better off paying extra for someone who knows exactly what they are doing.


Some institutions have a very strict policy with regards to tattoos – especially with noticeable ones. You should ensure that your career/place of work doesn’t have a negative policy towards tattoos to avoid any potential problems!


A key thing to think about is the how much quality ink is  being used in your tattoo. Obviously a better quality ink will be more expensive and, in reality, all tattoos should be done using the best quality ink available. However, particularly with neck tattoos and how visible they are this becomes even more important. It is highly advisable to spend a bit more and get a better quality ink for all your tattoos Рespecially the neck.

Ideas for Neck Tattoos

In addition to evaluating the costs, using quality ink and your career, you will want to come up with a unique idea to get tattooed. Deciding to tattoo such a visible part of your body should be done justice by getting a tattoo that is representative of who you are.