Miley Cyrus New Tattoo Of Friendship By Kat Von D

new tattooMiley Cyrus got a new tattoo! And she got it done from the one and only Kat Von D, probably the most popular female tattoo artist in the world – YEAH!!!

Kat who recently had a tattoo removed of a portrait of Jessie James when he was just a kid – hey, can’t blame her for all the stuff he did. Going back to Miley Cyrus, the lovely former LA inked star tweeted: “Loved tattooing @MileyCyrus yestrday! Simple symbols of friendship make beautiful tattoos.”

The Hanna Montana star got a new tattoo just above her right elbow of two black arrows crossing each other. Simple and yet nicely done courtesy of Von D of course. She showed her new tattoo in a Twitpic, which shows her from behind displaying the tattoo.

And friendship it is, research shows that the new tattoo is actually a Native American symbol of friendship. The two arrows crossing at the center is used as a symbol of uniting two clans together. Other Native American arrow symbols are: a broken arrow means peace and two arrows flying perpendicular to each other on opposite directions means war.

Unfortunately, Miley didn’t open up much about her new tattoo. Is it about her fiancé Liam Hemsworth or someone else? In the past, Miley told Harpers Bazaar magazine “It really doesn’t hurt if you’re thinking about the meaning,” she said. “I could never get a meaningless tattoo, but I think that if you’re doing something that’s important, that’s significant in your life, it takes some of the pain away.”

Apparently, she did open up on Cosmopolitan Magazine about her private life, she said: “Some of the worst things that have happened in my career, like things getting leaked, have actually been what’s best for me, because people knew when I was on [‘Hannah Montana’] that I was really growing up. I never faked anything. I never played the Disney game of smiling and being a princess and then suddenly having a hard time, saying, ‘That isn’t who I really am.”