Miley Cyrus New De Vinci Heart Tattoo By Kat Von D

Whonew tattoo needs an engagement ring when you can express your love permanently with a tattoo? Lately, the rumors about the breakup of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth just won’t stop, so the “Party in the USA” singer got a new heart tattoo to prove them wrong.

Miley visited High Voltage Tattoo in California to get a tattoo from no other than Kat Von D, one of the loveliest and most talented tattoo artists you can find. “Just did the RADDEST tattoo on @MileyCyrus-a miniature rendition of a daVinci anatomical heart!” Von D posted on her Instagram. Cyrus retweeted the pic to her nearly 11.5 million followers shortly after.

The new tattoo is located on the inside of her right forearm, just below her Roman numeral tattoo. One fan tweeted her own interpretation of Miley’s new tattoo as two hearts beating as one. Well, the 1510 sketch of Leonardo da Vinci is in fact, two views of the same heart. But maybe Miley will someday explain the tattoo someday.

All the buzz about the break up started when the “Hannah Montana” girl was spotted not wearing her engagement ring. Fans were shocked and the rumors spread like wild fire. Miley explained that the ring was faulty because one of the diamonds fell off, so she got it repaired. Apparently, this explaining did little to pull the rumors down.

Liam Hemsworth on the other hand is tight lipped about the issue, and went back to Australia for some family time. Leaving Miley all alone in Los Angeles to face all the rumors of their break up, she retweeted “Lies took over the world….. Facts don’t really hold value anymore!” But the 19 year old singer has also used her solo time to jam with fellow artist Tiffany Foxx new music video called “Twisted”