Meaning of Butterfly Tattoos

butterfly tattoosIf you’re thinking of getting a tattoo and have not a slightest clul on what design to get, then consider getting a butterfly tattoo. After all, butterfly tattoos are probably one the most popular design for girls.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures; they come in all sorts of sizes and colours. As a tattoo, the butterfly isn’t just a colourful drawing because a butterfly tattoo can symbolize many things. One of the important symbolisms of a butterfly tattoo is a change or transformation. The change from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, very similar to life changing experience we encounter in our lives. It is the hardships of these experiences, whether if it’s pleasant or not, that mold us on what we are now.

In China, butterfly tattoos are symbol for harmony and also believe to bring never ending happiness among married couples.

To some Asians, a white butterfly is said to represent a soul of a love one, paying a visit so to speak. A black butterfly on the other hand, may represent something undesirable or misfortunes like an accident or something similar.

You can’t go wrong with butterfly tattoo because they’re so beautiful and a chance of regret is no likely. The only way to regret this tattoo design is probably filling your whole back with this creature. Keep them small and cute, you can even add two or more.