Learn The Basics Of Tattoo Aftercare Before Getting Inked

tattoo aftercareA tattoo is a simple way of expressing oneself. It can also be a reminder of difficult times during your life. Tattoos are very personal and mean different things to different people. This is why tattoos are so popular these days. It seels like everyone is getting one, however, before going to a tattoo studio you should read up about tattoo aftercare.

Tattoo aftercare is probably the most critical part of getting a tattoo. You may have your dream tattoo design inked on your skin by the best and cleanest tattoo artist, but if the healing process gets messed up (which is your responsibility), things can go wrong quickly. So it’s important to read about tattoo aftercare way before you get your tattoo. You should get a better understanding of how a tattoo heals because it is totally different from your regular wound.

Unlike your typical wound where you have to put some iodine or anti-bacterial ointment on it and bandage it until it dries. When the scab forms that’s basically it, let the scab fall off and your wound is healed.

For a tattoo, we don’t want a thick scab forming because this will ruin the tattoo. This will cause ink discolouration and some distortions in the design. We want to keep the scab as thin as possible to prevent this. Below are some tips on proper tattoo aftercare to get the best looking tattoo possible.

Before going to a tattoo studio you need some items like: cotton towels or lint free paper towels, anti-bacterial soap and your favourite tattoo aftercare lotion. You should have this to hand, instead of buying these things after your tattoo is inked into your skin. This is to prevent any contaminant getting into your fresh tattoo. Someone might sneeze on your tattoo or you might accidentally bump into something which transfers microbes onto your new tattoo. It sounds remote but it can happen.

Ask your tattoo artist to wrap your fresh tat with a cotton bandage. This is better than the clear cellophane bandage that some use because a cotton bandage lets the tattoo breathe, this helps the healing process. Upon reaching home, remove the bandage.

Then wash thoroughly with your anti-bacterial soap, you can use a bar or liquid soap. Make sure to wash off excess ink and that clear yellow stuff called plasma, very important to remove this because when plasma dries it turns into a thick scab, and we don’t want that. Then pat dry and do not re-bandage. Then apply your tattoo aftercare lotion. Your fresh tattoo will tend to ooze plasma and you should repeat the washing process regularly. You will be busy for a few hours because you have to wash several times until the oozing stops.

And that’s it, all you have to do now is to constantly apply your tattoo aftercare lotion to keep it nice and moist. Thin scabbing is expected, wait for this to fall off and your tattoo is ready for display. Remember, not all aftercare products are the same and After Inked is a premium product with food grade ingredients and grape seed oil.