Laser Tattoo Removal – How Much It Costs

laser tattoo removal

If you wish to have a laser tattoo removal, it is important to find a practitioner who is widely experienced. Although there are other surgical techniques for tattoo removal, these can leave a lot of scarring. Today, laser therapy is the most widely used way to partially or completely remove tattoos.

Lasers work to remove tats through intense light that easily pass through the skin without causing harm. The tattoo pigments beneath the skin are then broken down into very tiny particles. Later on, the minute ink fragments are slowly removed by the immune system of the body.

Tattoo pigments respond differently to laser light. Varied wavelengths of laser energy are used for particular tattoo colours. Generally, multi coloured tattoos are more difficult to remove. People who have dark skin will also likely need more treatment sessions.

The cost of laser tattoo removal really depends on a lot of factors. While you may want to know exactly how many sessions you would have to endure, this is really hard to predict. Among the factors aside from colours and amount of ink on the skin, the tattoo size, location, and age of the tattoo would also have to be taken into consideration.

The usual number of treatments ranges from five to 10 sessions. In some instances, 20 sessions or more would have to be performed. These are spaced four to six weeks apart.

The price for laser tattoo removal can range from £100 to £300 per session. Thus, a small black tattoo would cost a few hundred pounds while you would may to shell out thousands for large, elaborate, and multi coloured designs.

Although laser tattoo removal is now safer than ever, there are still chances of scarring. Multiple laser treatments may cause pain and blister formation. This is why taking care of your skin after tattoo removal is equally important as fresh tattoo aftercare.