Kat Von D Having Jessie James Tattoo Removed

tattooKat Von D is currently having Jessie James tattoo removed. The LA ink tattoo artist and defunct West Coast Choppers CEO broke up last September and she’s not feeling good with her ex, so she decided to remove the childhood portrait of James off her skin.

The tattoo is just a few months old, she got it weeks before their first break-up in July 2011. At that time, Kat Von D insisted she had no regrets and will never get the tattoo removed. Well, it seems everything have changed now.

The tattoo removal process is well underway thanks to Los Angeles’ Dr. Tattoff. It will take about 5 to 15 laser removal sessions, with 8 weeks healing time in between sessions, quite a long and painful process. But she can take it because DeadMau5, Von D new boyfriend is there  to support her.

James isn’t the only one permanently etch on Von D, a few of her ex’s like her ex-husband Oliver Peck is tattooed on her neck, around 10 tattoos of ex-boyfriend and Whitestarr drummer Alex Orbison, also a “J” for James (not Jessie) for her first love.

Now the next question is: what type of tattoo will Von D get for DeadMau5? Hope you’ve learned your lesson Kat.