Justin Bieber Spotted with A new “X” Tattoo

new tattooJustin Bieber really loves getting tattoos. In fact, he’s getting one every month. This time, the 18 year old was spotted at the Cirque du Soleil show in London with a large “X” tattoo on his right arm, just beside his wise owl.

This is his third tattoo this year. The first one was a Native American Man located on his shoulder blade. Justin got this in honor of his late grandfather whom he was very close. He and his granddad always hangout during the weekends watching a Canadian hockey team called the Stratford Collinton, the Native American image was their logo.  The second tattoo was the roman numerals “I IX VII V” inked just below his collar bone, which is believed to be the birth date of her mom. This tat made quite a buzz back then, because fans were puzzled why the numbers are inked that way, 1975 in roman numerals should be MCMLXXV.

So what’s the story behind Beibers “X” tattoo? Is he sending his future girl friends and fans on a treasure hunt? Well, the tattoo may look somewhat cryptic to others, but the image is in fact the Greek letter “Chi”. The X or chi represents the name of Christ, as in the holiday Christmas we often abbrebriate  to “Xmas”.

The new tattoo symbol is Justin’s latest religious tattoo. There are now 3 religious tattoos in his collection, one is a large image of Jesus Christ on his right calf and the other ink is a pair of praying hands, also on his right calf, just below the image of Jesus.

The “Baby” singer will run out of fresh skin soon due to his selection of large images. All in all, Beibs got 12 tattoos scattered all over this body. Who knows, there may be more hidden somewhere.