Justin Bieber New Tattoo: Roman Numerals

new tattooJustin Bieber is in a roll when it comes to getting tattoos. It seems Biebs is in a mission to cover up his whole body with ink. Yesterday, the 18 year old singer was photographed getting a new tattoo, his second tattoo this month.

So what’s the new tattoo all about? The “Baby” singer got the year 1975 in Roman numerals inked on his above right chest, just below his collar bone. Strangely the numbers of the new tattoo is inked as I IX VII V, instead of MCMLXXV. One fan tweeted: “I am sure I am not the first to state this but 1975 is actually MCMLXXV. I still think you’re awesome though. Toodles,”

So what does the new tattoo date 1975 mean to Biebs? Is he calling for Selena Gomez? Because a few months back she got a really meaningful new tattoo as a tribute to her family – a Roman numeral tattoo 76 or LXXVI at the back of her neck – at least she got the numbers right.

new tattooRumors say that the new tattoo 1975 is the birth date of his mother Patricia. But then again, is Jamil Rasid, aka Mally Mall’s mom born at the same year? He got the exact same tattoo. Many be not.

“Great Minds Think Alike ! @justinbieber 1975 Same Tatts spiritual meanings,” Rashid wrote.

Justin Bieber loves getting tattoos, this month alone he got two tattoos done:  this roman numeral tattoo and a Native American chief. The latter is inked at his left shoulder blade to honor his grandfather. The Native American chief is actually the logo of a Canadian junior hockey team – the Stratford Cullintons. His grandfather used to bring Beibs to watch the games every Sunday.

Last month, he got a pair of praying hands with a bed of roses. The tattoo is located just below his Jesus tattoo, completing the image of Jesus praying.