Justin Beiber Turns Tattoo Artist Of The Day

tattooJustin Beiber is known to be a fan of tattoos, he’s practically getting one every month. But recently, the “Believe” singers turned the tables and he’s the one tattooing!

The spoiled singer inked his famed tattoo artist Bang Bang at his tattoo parlor in New York City. So, are you wondering what Beiber tattooed? Was it beautiful, intricate, and full of meaning?

Well, don’t get your hopes up, it’s his first inking after all. What he made is a muscled mouse and a bit of text on the side which spells “swaggy” onto Bang Bang’s leg. Not that great but Mr. “Boyfriend” is really proud of it. Surprisingly, Bang Bang is loving his new tattoo.

Apparently, New York law states that every tattoo artist needs a license to practice tattooing. Since, images of Beiber giving his tattoo artist spread like wild fire in the web, rumors says that Bang Bang’s parlor in Manhattan’s Lower East Side could be paying a whopping $2,000 fine.

Justin Beiber has a vast collection of tattoos. His last tattoo was a Greek symbol “X” which represents Christ like the way we change Christmas to Xmas. The “X” is actually a representation of the Greek letter “Chi” meaning Christ. Beibs got this tattoo in middle of a concert tour in the UK.

Beiber’s Greek tattoo marks his 12th inking to date; in fact, it’s his third tattoo so far in 2013. His first, was the Indian head hockey team logo(Stratford Culliton) located at his back, which he and his grandfather used to watch when he was a little kid. His second was his controversial roman numerals tattoo which represents the birth date of his mother -1975 but deliberately inked as “I IX VII V”, we all know that is should be written as MCMLXXV. Does the tattoo have a different meaning? Well, Justin doesn’t comment much about his tattoos.