Important Tips Before Getting Your First Tattoo

tattooA tattoo is a piece of artwork or design that is permanently drawn into skin. It is done by injecting ink or pigments just underneath the skin using a tattoo device that rapidly punctures the skin with a sterile needle.

Since a tattoo is something that will last a life time, it is important to think it over thoroughly before getting one. Of course, a tattoo can be removed with laser and other modalities, but doing so will be costly and very painful.

Below are some tips to consider before getting a tattoo:

The Design

First of all, think of a tattoo design you want. If you’re not the artistic type you can look for designs on the internet. There are a lot of designs and proud tattoo owners showing their artwork. There are classic symbols or you can create a unique one. Another important factor to consider on the design is choosing a colored or plain black tattoo.


A tattoo can be inked anywhere, so it up to you where to put it. Will it be exposed or hidden? It is important to know that an exposed tattoo can affect your future employment because there are some companies that are strict about exposed tattoos. So to be safe, consider keeping your tattoo or tattoos hidden.


If you’re thinking of having a text tattoo, keep the font size just right because large text are good to look at. But if you’re into artworks and drawings then you can have any size you want.

Find A Good Artist

When getting a tattoo, always look for a reputable tattoo artist or tattoo parlor. The competency of a tattoo artist will determine whether the end result of your tattoo will be successful or not, so try to look for the best one you can afford.