Ideas For New Piercings

9cf2b810-8702-0132-43f7-0ebc4eccb42fTattoos are great ways to express your ideas, but they are not the only way. As great as tattoos may be, piercings can be equally as great in expressing your abstract ideas in a unique way!

Piercings are a pretty common thing nowadays. The ear is probably the most pierced part of the body, but did you know just how many ways you can pierce the body? The sheer amount of ideas on the ear alone can give you an idea as to how many possibilities there are in the world of piercings.

Ear piercing ideas:

  • The Dream Catcher: The classic spectacle of Native American culture is always a good look!
  • The Optical Illusion: Whether it be half an arrow on either side of your ear or some other interesting combination, this illusion always gives off some flare!
  • The Chain: Two cartilage piercings connected with chain? Genius!

Check out some more awesome ideas for ear piercings!

Dermal piercings:

For those of you who may not know, dermal piercing refers to any type of piercing that is done on a flat surface of the body. These types of piercings can be incorporated in awesome ideas to give you something truly unique!

Dermal piercing ideas:

  • Down the Back: The back offers countless possibilities for dermal piercings. Literally anywhere you think wold look good can be pierced on the back! Some people even outline their spinal cord! Quite a common look is the back dimples!
  • Along the Arm: Some people think a bit of bling on their arm would look great! The possibilities are limitless.
  • The Chest: Above your pectorals is a perfect spot for dermal piercings. You can show off a really fascinating design for all to see!

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