Tattoo Aftercare: How To Take Care Of A New Tattoo

new tattooSo you’ve finally did it and got your first tattoo! Now you have something wonderful permanently marked on your skin. But the big question is: how will you take care of your new tattoo? How will you ensure the few hours of pain in the tattoo studio will not go to waste? A lot of people think that taking care of a new tattoo is difficult. The fact is, if you are well informed and good at following instructions, tattoo aftercare is a cinch.

The basics of taking care of a new tattoo is relatively simple. Initially, a fresh tattoo needs to be washed regularly to prevent a thick scab from forming. Sounds difficult? Just follow the tattoo aftercare instructions below and you’ll be fine.

First, you need to purchase all the materials need to take care of your fresh tattoo. You will need: clean cotton towels or lint free paper towels, antibacterial soap (preferably liquid) and a premium tattoo aftercare lotion like Afterinked. It is important to have all of these at hand before heading to the tattoo studio to prevent your fresh tattoo from getting infected.

After your tattoo session, ask your artist to wrap your fresh tattoo with cotton bandage. A cotton bandage does a good job at absorbing excess ink and blood, allowing the tattoo to breathe, which is helpful in the healing process. After bandaging, go straight home and do not show off your tattoo. At this stage, the new tattoo is very prone to infection.

Upon reaching home, wait for an hour or two before removing the bandage. Be careful when removing the bandage. If it sticks, moisten it with warm water until it peels off easily. Then wash with antibacterial soap and make sure to wash off all ink and blood. Then pat dry using your cotton or paper towels and air dry for a few seconds before applying a thin layer of tattoo aftercare.

In a few days, a thin layer of scab will form. It is important to keep this scab moist by frequently apply your tattoo aftercare lotion. After two to three weeks, the scab will fall off and your tattoo is ready for display.

To maintain the colour and brightness of your tattoo, you need to constantly apply your tattoo aftercare lotion. This will keep the skin nice and moist. Also, when going outdoors, especially on a sunny day, apply sunblock on your tattoo. The suns rays can discolour your tattoo.