How To Prevent Tattoo Regret

tattoo regretFinding a tattoo design that your really love can be difficult. Studies have shown that 25% of people today are not happy with the design they selected. That is one out of every four people getting a tattoo permanently inked somewhere on their body regrets it soon after.

Tattoo regret is a common today because its so easy to get a tattoo. You don’t need an appointment, no schedules and there are no waiting lines, just go in a tattoo parlor and after a few minutes, you got yourself a new tattoo, it’s that simple.

So how do we prevent regretting our tattoo? How do we know that a hot or popular design will end up at tattoo removal clinic in the future? Below are some tips on how to choose a tattoo design that won’t end up regretting.

No Names, Unless…

First of all, never get someone’s name tattooed on your body. This is the most common reason why we regret a tattoo. Having a name permanently inked on your skin is like signing is a contract that you forever belong to your partner; no one knows how long a relationship will last, and don’t even think married couples immune to this. Of course there are few exceptions like the name of child or a family member.

Foreign Characters

Characters of foreign languages especially from Chinese and Japanese text look amazingly beautiful. A lot of people love and get these designs mainly due to their look and disregard what they means. Well, there are some individuals who have tattoos that read “kiss my a**”, “I’m stupid” written in cool looking Japanese/Chinese characters, poor fellow. So remember, you should know or investigate what the character means before getting it inked. If you don’t know what it means, don’t get it.

You’re Design, Your Tattoo

When choosing a tattoo design, it has to be meaningful to you. Think over the design several times, research or ask a reputable tattoo artist before getting it inked. This is the key to a tattoo that you will forever love and cherish.