How To Identify An Infected Tattoo

infected tattoo

An infected tattoo is the worst thing that can happen during the tattoo healing process. An infection can occur due to improper tattoo aftercare or unhygienic inking practices. An infected tattoo can be very dangerous and even life threatening if not treated properly.

Don’t let any infection overwhelm your newly inked artwork; the key is to identify the early signs of infection and immediately seek medical attention.

Pain. Getting a tattoo is painful, but an infected one is much, much more. Just like any cut or injury to the skin, pain is worst initially and subsides afterwards. If you start to feel any pain hours after an inking session, like a throbbing pain or pain  even without touching the would, this could be an infection.

Swelling and reddening. Check the area if it is swollen and also if there are reddening around the margins of the tattoo. Aside from an infection, this could also mean an allergic reaction to the ink, which also calls for medical attention.

Discharge. It is normal to find clear amber colored discharge oozing out on a new tat. This is actually plasma and it is a normal part of wound healing. In tattoo aftercare, this is usually washed off, preventing it from dried out to form a scab. If you find white, yellowish or greenish discharge these are a sure sign of an infection.

Odor.  You new tat should absolutely be odor free. If you smell something funny, this is another sign of an infection. Bacteria found in an infected wound produce these foul odors. Your tattoo may look fine from the outside, but underneath the skin pustules of puss can form.

If you find any of the above, better have it checked out immediately with your tattoo artist. They always know what to do with these circumstances. If the severity of the infection is too great, a referral to a doctor is likely.