High Tech Tattoo May Actively Track Ones Health Condition

tattooA high tech tattoo made from woven silk and gold could tell if you’re ill or could even save your life. This is actually a temporary tat, when placed on your skin it could detect medical conditions like bacterial infections. Not only that, the special tattoo can alert your doctor or health personnel of your condition.

Believe it or not, this special tat comes with an antenna that could wirelessly connect to nearby computers, alerting others of your illness.

Michael McAlpine, a professor from Princeton University and the inventor of this amazing tattoo was given grant through the university to further his research; hence making the first antenna tattoo a reality.

He said that the idea of making such device came from his reading about a woman who suddenly had an asthma attack at a grocery store. The first responders came but could not get a clear diagnosis of the patient’s condition because she could not breathe. Luckily the woman had an medical tattoo on her arm that said she had asthma. The professor told reporters, . “I thought, if she can have a passive tattoo that says ‘I have asthma,’ why not have an active tattoo that can continuously track your health?”

Professor McAlpine hopes that with his fresh funding, he will be able to do actual tests of the device in hospitals. He’s also looking into improving the tattoo itself, to make the tattoo last longer since it can easily be washed off with water.

Apparently, Professor McAlpine is known for his unique ways in detecting diseases. Last year, his team of researchers at Princeton University found a way to detect evidence of disease from one’s breath. Again, the clever device is placed on a tooth or “tooth tattoo” of the subject or patient and was able to detect infection.