Harry Styles Risky Do-It-Yourself Tattoo Kit

tattooThere is no mistaking that one member of the famous boy sing group One Direction is seriously addicted to tattoos. So addicted he even got a do-it-yourself tattoo kit.

Last December, Harry Styles went under the needle at Shamrock Tattoo Parlor (this is where David Beckham gets his tattoos) to get a huge ship on his left upper arm. He was with Taylor Swift back then to support him and most likely the ship thing was her idea, because she had this music video of one of her songs and this guy on the video had a ship inked on him. Coincidence?

Now the One Direction singer is sporting for some home do-it-yourself tattoo kits, which is very dangerous according to his artist Kevin Paul. “I tried to explain to him what the risk were but he doesn’t seem to care” Kevin tells The Sun.

Harry is rumored to have bought a tattoo kit and he’s letting his friends do the inking. Of course, there is a lot of risk involved when getting a tat at home, especially if someone haven’t done it before. May be Harry was thinking the tat is more memorable if a friend does it.

Apparently, no images have been taken and no one has seen the home made ink, hopefully this rumor thing stays a rumor.

Harry Styles is no first timer when it comes to body art. In fact, he have around 20 tattoos inked all around his body: a bird on his chest, locket on his wrist, 17black on his chest, star inside his bicep, hanger, name of his sister in Hebrew and lots more. All of his buddies in One Direction also love getting inked except for Niall Horan. Niall tweeted “Gettin a lot tweets about tattoos! I didn’t get a tattoo! Not plannin on gettin one for a while either haha”.