Harry Styles Got A New Tattoo!!!

new tattooHarry Styles of One Direction got a new tattoo! Again, the boy band member really loves getting tattoos and he’s getting one after another. Last Wednesday, he was seen with a new tattoo and a lot of fans are having a difficult time trying to decipher the meaning of his tattoos. To name a few are the fish skeleton, two zig zags and the text 99p.

On twitter, Harry posted his latest tattoo. The new heart shaped tattoos, they are two, are located just below his thumb. The left tattoo is coloured pink, while the right one is coloured blue, both have the text “LOVE” at the center.

Of course, the guys from One Direction won’t let Harry Styles get all the tattoo glory, all of them, except for Naill Horan, got their own tattoo, they even got matching tattoos.