Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

half sleeve tattooA sleeve tattoo is one that covers the arm, usually from shoulder to wrist. A half sleeve tattoo covers only a part of an arm, usually above the elbow. A half sleeve tattoo design can cover the entire upper arm or lower arm.

The upper arm is the typical placement for the half sleeve tattoo because it offers more space to work with. If one decides to have a full sleeve tattoo later on, this can be done more easily. One would simply have to work their way down the arm rather than the other way around.

Some half sleeve tattoo designs are done instantly, in which one goes from a bare arm to a full tattoo done at once. Sometimes, individual tattoos are gradually brought together. Half sleeves are becoming popular especially for men with well-developed and muscular biceps.

Here are some ideas for half sleeve tattoos:

1. Maori Pattern. The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, known as resourceful and daring adventurers. One of the popular aspects in Maori culture includes art and tattoo. The Maori tattoo is based on a tribal design. One can either purchase a downloadable flash art of get your own customized designed Maori Tribal tattoo. This typically depicts their culture, arts, tradition, flora, and fauna.

2. Buddha or Buddhist Symbol Tattoos. These are usually very colorful or very intricate, which makes them attractive. Because of these, even non adherers of Buddhism choose to have these designs. In general, the belief is that everybody can reach the so-called Nirvana or heaven, making it suitable for all, regardless of religious inclination. Other than the image of Buddha, one can substitute an image such as a pink lotus blossom, Bodhi tree, or Dharma wheel.

3. Samoan Pattern. In Saomoan culture, music, dance, and tattooing play a significant role. Tattooing from the waist to knee is considered a rite of passage for men. The beautiful patterns show their important cultural value. Pictures typically depict flowers, turtles, and fish.

4. Dragon Designs. The dragon is perceived as protective and powerful symbol. This mythical creature is both beautiful and fearsome because of its appearance and ability to emit fire.

These are only a few of the popular designs used for half sleeve tattoos. Whatever the design, this would involve many hours of planning and tattooing. Work with your reputable tattoo artist to decide on how the process would ensue.