Good Tattoo, Good Artist; Cheap Artist, Bad Tattoo

Ira-Chernova-and-beautiful-tattoosTattoos these days are extremely popular,  almost everyone has one or two. First timers are always very excited about getting their first tattoo. Who can blame them? These beautiful works of art are something to be proud of, especially when they have a special meaning to the bearer. But first, the artist has to create a drawing of the tattoo which the person being inked has to like and accept. Once inking has begun, the tattoo artist only has one shot at getting it perfect, that’s why it’s important to get your tattoo done by an experienced professional with a good track record.

There is a saying in the tattoo community: “good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.” And this is absolutely true; the cost is directly proportional to the result, the more expensive an artist charge, the lesser risk of you not liking your tattoo. Now, a tattoo artist won’t charge high if they’re not any good, right?

Sadly, there are some who think otherwise and a lot of people still go to unlicensed or “backyard” tattoo artist because they are really cheap.

Lately, tattoo studios are seeing more and more tattoos that are not artistically made, some look scary even. But the biggest concern are not the horrid looking tattoos, it’s the tattoo hygienic practices they worry about. Unlicensed tattoo artist don’t understand or care about the health risk. Since, getting a tattoo involves puncturing the skin several times with a needle to deliver the ink; unsterilized equipment could spread blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. One backyard operator had tattooed several people using the same ink caps, putting all his/her customers at risk of an infection.

One reason why backyard tattoos are flourishing is due to easy availability of tattoo kits. These kits are easily bought online at very low prices.

So, if you’re planning to get a tattoo, don’t even think about buying those kits or even getting one from backyard operators. The risk is too great, and you may also end up with a crappy looking tattoo.