Getting A Tattoo? Here Are Some Tattoo Aftercare Tips

tattoo aftercareGetting a tattoo these days is pretty common. Many people get a tattoo or two and then end up getting hooked and end up with many more. Tattoos have gained popularity probably because of tattoo shows that we watch on the television. Some people discover how beautiful tattoos are by seeing the process of tattooing in person: using sterile equipment, rubbing alcohol, gloves and all the works. One thing you will also notice is how skillful a modern day professional tattoo artist is, creating beautiful incredibly detailed works of art. No wonder everyone’s getting or wanting to get inked.

But one important thing you got to know is getting a tattoo is the easy part, the most difficult part is taking care of it and you alone are responsible for your tattoo aftercare. Once you step out of that tattoo parlor, you’re on your own. So it’s best to learn about tattoo aftercare before getting a tattoo and not the other way around. Below are some tips on tattoo aftercare:

Things You’ll Need

First thing first, it is best to purchase all the materials you’ll need to take care of your fresh tattoo. You will need: antibacterial soap (liquid preferred), cotton towels or lint free paper towels and you favorite tattoo aftercare cream or lotion (Afterinked). Make sure to buy all of these before going to the tattoo studio.

Wrap it up

After the tattoo session, you tattoo artist may ask you which bandage you prefer to cover your fresh tattoo: plastic wrap or cotton bandage. Always go for cotton bandages because this type bandage allows the fresh tattoo to breathe, letting the wound to heal faster. Additionally, a cotton bandage absorbs excess ink and blood.

Tattoo Aftercare

After you tattoo is all wrapped up, go straight home. After two hours, remove the bandage and wash any excess ink or blood with your antibacterial soap. Then pat dry, never rub a fresh tattoo, allow to air dry for a few seconds, then apply your tattoo aftercare lotion.

That it, your basic tattoo aftercare routine, remember to wash often at the beginning and try to wash of any plasma oozing out of the tattoo. After three to four weeks, your tattoo will be ready for display.