Getting A Tattoo And The Best Spot To Put It

getting a tattoo

Getting a tattoo nowadays is very common. In the past, you can find tattoos on sailors or motorcycle gangs but today, almost everyone have one. It’s so popular even children below legal age are getting one.

The fact is, there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo. It’s one good way expressing oneself. But keep in mind, a tattoo can be a reason for you not landing a job. Yep, even a tiny body art can make it very difficult to find work no matter how smart or skilled you are.

The reason? Sadly, a lot of companies do not employ individuals with exposed tattoos, even the military don’t accept new recruits with tattoos on their hands, arms or any tattoos that can be seen outside their uniform.

So what do you do to avoid the hassle of jumping from one employer to another?

Be very careful where to put your tattoo. As much as possible, place it where people won’t see it when you’re casually dressed. If possible, avoid getting tattoos on your arms or neck. Yes, you can always cover these locations, but remember you’ll be wearing a turtle neck or long sleeves during work and this will last forever. Some even opt for a tattoo removal because of getting sick of wearing turtle necks or long sleeves when going to work.

Probably the best areas to place a tattoo is on the upper biceps, chest or upper thighs. Any place that you can conveniently cover up will do.

Please be advised that a tattoo is a permanent body modification and always consider to the placement of your invested piece of art. You can always have it removed but it will be costly and even painful, actually it’s much more painful getting tattoo removed than getting one.