Forearm Tattoo in Men

tattoo in men

A forearm tattoo is a very popular area to get a tattoo in men. Unlike other popular tattoo places such as on the back, chest, or shoulder, a forearm tattoo is more visible. The only way to cover it up is by wearing a jacket or a long sleeved shirt. This is why it is very important to choose a tattoo artist with a good reputation and decide on a tattoo design that would really be significant to you.

The tattoo design is really something to think about. Since the forearm tattoo is very visible, this should be appealing to you but at the same time, avoid tattoo designs that can be deemed offensive or distasteful. If you are also in one of the careers in which tattoos are unfavourable, you may want to consider other locations that will allow you to easily conceal the tat with clothing.

An arm tattoo would also require more time and you would probably opt to ink most of your skin on this area. It may take several visits to the tattoo artist to get it done. The inner forearm is said to be one of the best places to get a tattoo because the skin is taut and holds ink very well. The area is also less prone to distortion and thus the design would come out nicely. Another thing about the inner arm is that it is not too exposed to the sun as the other areas in the body.

Just how popular are forearm tattoos? There are numerous male celebrities that sport a forearm tattoo. Johnny Depp apparently has 14 tattoo designs on his body including a forearm tattoo with the symbol from the movie “The Brave” which is the first movie he directed. On his right forearm is the name of his son “Jack” with a swallow flying above the ocean. David Beckham has tattoos all over his body. His left arm has tattoo designs that focus on his wife Victoria and his personal life. Beckham’s right arm and forearm has designs that speak of his career. Jude Law has a cluster of ants tattooed on his inner right arm that is meant to symbolise the values of working hard. London born Keifer Sutherland has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his inner left forearm. Jake Gyllenhaal has an old English script tattooed on his inner right forearm. Irish born Coin Farrell has a large Celtic cross on his left forearm. Many more personalities have tats on the forearm, mostly representing significant event, symbols, and people in their lives.

A forearm tattoo, being visible as it is, is a good way to express your style, values, and important aspects of your life.

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