Dragon Tattoo Meaning

dragon tattooThe dragon is probably the most popular of all mythological creatures. This is reason why a lot of people love to get dragon tattoos. But what do these gallant magical creatures represent? Some say that dragons represent evil, while other say they are good. So, what are dragons really?

Dragons are legendary creatures that looks serpentine or reptilian and is featured as myths of many cultures. In English, the work “dragon” came from the Greek ”drákōn” which means “serpent, giant seafish”.

Generally are two types of dragons: the Western and Eastern dragons. In Western cultures, a dragon symbolizes destruction, evil, and guardians or gate keepers. While Eastern Dragons are seen as bearers of good fortune, protectors, ward off sickness and evil. This is why eastern dragons like the Japanese and Chinese dragon tattoos are so popular, but of course there are individuals who prefer the western dragon style which look more vicious and humongous strong.

But whichever dragon tattoo style you choose, the general meaning is the same. Typically, men get dragon tattoos because of the strength, courage, sheer brute force and power, wisdom and the feeling of protection it represents. A lot of men, feel empowered just by having a dragon permanently inked on their body. A woman on the other hand gives them strength and feel protected with a dragon tattoo.

Typically, the placement of a dragon tattoo are on large areas like the shoulders, back or chest. Also on exposed areas like the arms or legs.

Dragons are beautiful mysterious creatures that symbolizes power and brute force, but at the same time they signify protection, a guardian from evil and a bringer of good fortune. No wonder why a lot of people are mystified by this being and would gladly offer their living canvas to be permanently drawn or etch a dragon on their skin.