Does Your Job Prevent You From Getting a Tattoo? Try A UV Tattoo!

tattooA UV tattoo or ultraviolet tattoo is created using special ink that is only visible when exposed to ultraviolet light. UV tattoos are also called flourescent or black light tattoos and do not confuse them with glow in the dark tattoos. Though they look similar, UV tattoos need to be exposed to UV light for them to be seen, while glow in the dark tattoos need to be exposed to light first, and also need ample time to absorb some of energy from the light for the tattoo to glow in darkened conditions, this process is called phosphorescene. Also, inks used for glow in the dark are toxic and could cause chronic itching on the tattoo site, fluorescent ink on the other hand are safer.

Fluorescent tattoos are popular among people who want an inconspicuous or subtle tattoo, especially those who work in an environment that doesn’t allow exposed tattoos. Although the tattoos are invisible in normal light, scarring from the tattoo machine can sometimes be seen, so in the sense it still shows.

UV tattoos also come in array of colours: white, blue, purple, orange and a lot more. There are also colored UV inks available, these tattoo inks can be seen like your regular tattoo and the tattoo will glow when exposed to black light. Unfortunately, colored UV inks are not as bright and vivid as your regular tattoo ink.

Flourescent tattoo inks like any other tattoo ink have not been approved for safety. Some individuals are sensitive UV inks causing skin irritations and in some cases, if the body doest totally absorb the ink, it will reject the pigment and push it through the skin. Fortunately, improvements of the ink formulation have been developed minimizing irritation and rejection.

If you planning to get a fluorescent tattoo you better get ready to shell out a lot of money and also prepare yourself for the pain, because UV tattoos cost more and tattoo session takes longer than your regular tattoo.