Difference Between Tattoo Aftercare and Regular Wound Healing

Ttattoo aftercareattoos are extremely popular these days. Having a tattoo is the easiest way to express oneself, you don’t even have to talk because the image will speak for you.

It is important to get that tattoo looking perfect from day one, and this is done by practicing proper tattoo aftercare. Others might not know it, but tattoo aftercare is the most important part of the whole tattoo process. Many focus a lot of their time looking for a design and won’t even consider searching on proper tattoo aftercare.

Also, you will find a lot of writings or information in the web suggesting that to treat a tattoo like an open would. Yes this is true, but the approach of tattoo aftercare is totally different from your regular wound. Below are some differences between tattoo care and your regular wound care.

Keeping The Wound Clean

In wound care, we usually apply an antibacterial cream or solution to kill any bacteria to prevent infection.

In tattoo aftercare, we do not use any antibacterial cream because the tattoo wound is sterile. Also, these creams can affect the colour of the tattoo. The only disinfectant used in cleaning a tattoo is your antibacterial soap and natural antibacterial ingredients from tattoo aftercare creams.

The Scab

In wound care, the aim is to get a scab to form as early as possible. A scab is a hard thick but temporary barrier that shields the wound from any bacteria or debris while it’s healing. Once the wound has completely healed, the scab falls off leaving you with a scar.

Early in tattoo care, a clear amber coloured fluid called plasma will ooze out from the fresh tattoo, just like your regular wound. When this fluid dries it turns into a thick scab, we do not want this in tattoo care, so we wash it off preventing a thick scab from forming.

Keeping It Moist.

In your regular wound, the key for fast wound healing is to keep the scab dry, but in tattoo aftercare we don’t want a dry scab. Eventually a thin scab will form on your tattoo, this is normal. But the scab has to be constantly moist to prevent it from feeling tight, preventing any design deformity and scar formation.