Demi Lovato Debuts Her New Warrior Tattoo

demi-lovato-new-tattoo-now-im-a-warrior-pic_350x350Demi Lovato is ready to fight with her new warrior tattoo!

The X-Factor judge got a fresh tattoo last Wednesday, adding to her body art collection. This is the same day she released her self-titled album: Demi Lovato, which is her fourth album.

Demi shared a snap shot of her new inking to all of her fans on twitter. The image revealed a beautifully made script , “now I’m a warrior” located at just above her left shoulder blade. She also tweeted “Thanks @BangBang! Album release day!!! #DEMI,” obviously thanking BangBang for a beautifully made tattoo. BangBang the New York based tattoo artist is a favorite of celebrities like Rihanna, Chris Brown and Justin Beiber. All three by the way, gave BangBang a tattoo, remember the rumors about a legal case agains Beiber for tattooing without a license.

Going back to the “Heart Attack” singer, the new tattoo refers to the song “Warrior” which is one of the carrier songs in the 13 album track collection.

However, this isn’t the first tattoo for Demi, she actually have a couple of inkings scattered all over her body like: her soaring birds on her forearm, “stay” and “strong” on her wrist and her favorite: “Let go” and “Let God” on her foot. ‘My favourite tattoo is my feet tattoos,’ she revealed in April during a Walmart Soundcheck concert.

Demi had troubles in the past with eating disorders and self harm issues, and went under rehabilitation for several months. She was able to get her career back on track, but she admits that she is still facing her troubles at a daily basis. She uses her tattoos to constantly remind herself of the past and to keep her strong.