Debunking Tattoo Myths

As many of us in the tattoo world know – there are a ton of really strange myths about getting a tattoo. Luckily, we can debunk a lot of those myths right now.

Myth: You will regret tattoos later in life because they will look horrible.

Truth: Harris polls taken in 20013 and 2008 showed that a whopping 84% of Americans over 50 did not regret getting a tattoo. Of the 16% that did, 10% of them said it was because they had either gotten it too young or was badly done.

Myth: Tattoos prevent you from getting a job.

Truth: While it is true that you may be stigmatised for having visible tattoos there are a growing number of people in white-collar jobs with them. One NASA scientist even even is covered from head to toe with tattoos. It just goes to show that the bottom line is down to how talented you are.

Myth: Getting a tattoo is extremely painful.

Truth: While there can be some minor discomfort while getting a tattoo, the extent of it is largely exaggerated. The type of tattoo also plays a part in the pain factor. If the pain is the only thing setting you off you can ask for local anesthesia to be applied.

These are some of the biggest myths, but if you’re quarrel is with something more minor, there is a huge list of debunked tattoo myths here. If your fears are now gone and you decide to get a tattoo, the AfterInked aftercare product will make sure you don’t suffer from any nasty side effects.