Cross Stitching and Aftercare

The age old practice is on the rise once more – only this time, the skin is the canvas of Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.10.10 PMchoice. Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk‘s cross stitching tattoo style is gaining popularity at an exponential rate. Despite not being the first person to use the cross stitching style, she has gained a far greater amount of exposure as she shares all of her designs on Instagram!

Krbk is able to create these designs by tattooing in a ‘x’ like fashion. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see the tattoo being made up of a multitude of these ‘x’ shapes. When done so in the right way as she does, it gives the appearance that the tattoo was stitched onto the skin – quite unique if we do say so ourselves.

By doing so, the contour of the tattoo is far more pronounced while the shade is extremely subtle. When looking closely, you can see the massive amount of detail and forethought that must go into a tattoo like this. However, this tattoo shines brightest when looking from a distance, the beauty of such a tattoo should not be understated.

But with the beauty of such a tattoo comes the requirement that you take proper care of it. Tattoo aftercare is paramount after getting a new tattoo. The After Inked tattoo aftercare lotion is your best bet to ensure that your  tattoo remains moist. This will minimize scabbing and ensure your tattoo looks beautiful for years to come.

Because of the fact that in order to create these designs the artist has to spend a far greater amount of time tattooing individual ‘x’s’ on the skin, this results in a far larger tattoo wound. As a result, if even one of these ‘x’ shapes doesn’t heal properly then the entire cross stitch design could become skewed. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you pay close attention to the healing process and use good tattoo aftercare to keep it moist while it’s healing.