Before Getting A Tattoo, First Learn Tattoo Aftercare

tattoo aftercareGetting a tattoo nowadays is very popular. What use to be an art for sailors, gangsters and construction workers, is now accepted by everyone. Now getting a tattoo is easy, it’s like getting a pen drawing on the skin but longer and involves some pain because ink is injected into the skin. The hard and most critical part is after the tattoo session: tattoo aftercare.

A lot of first time tattoo goers blame the tattoo artist when their precious artwork get infected, but the truth is, once you get out of the tattoo parlors door, taking care of the tattoo is your responsibility. This is the reason why it is important to read about tattoo aftercare and buying all the things you need before getting your tattoo.

Tattoo aftercare instructions slightly differ from parlor to parlor. Below is a typical way to take care of a tattoo.

First of all, you need to buy all the tattoo aftercare stuff before going to the tattoo parlor and these are: your favorite tattoo aftercare lotion, anti-bacterial soap and cotton towels.

Next, after getting a tattoo, your artist will most likely asks you weather you want a cotton or plastic wrap bandage. Go for the cotton bandage, this will allow the tattoo to breathe which is good for wound healing. Also the cotton fibers will absorb excess lotion, ink and body fluids. Do not remove the bandage to show off your fresh tattoo. This is a critical time and keeping your tattoo sterile is critical. Only remove the bandage when you reach home.

It the bandage somehow sticks or is difficult to remove. Soak it with lukewarm water. After removing the bandage, use your antibacterial soap to gently wash off all the excess ink and body fluids. Do not use a wash cloth, your hands will do well because you need to feel the stuff you’re washing off. Pat dry, do not wipe. Then apply a thin layer of your favorite aftercare lotion and do not rebandage.

Repeat this 3 to 4 times a day. It is important not to let the oozing body fluids dry up because this will form into a scab.