Barcode Tattoo Guide

barcode tattooLately, more and more people are choosing to have a barcode tattoo. Some people use this very simple design as an artistic statement, abstract art, or to symbolise mass consumerism.

A barcode is a machine readable image containing data related to the item to which it is attached. Barcodes are useful in businesses to make goods handy for tracking and scanning the products. The data is represented by parallel linear lines that have varying widths. A bar code can be read by optical scanners or bar code readers. Special software are also available to read these codes.

In the modern world, barcodes are found almost everywhere. Items from the department store, grocery store, and other merchandise shops will most likely have a barcode on it. They are also used to keep track of parcels and registered mail. In healthcare, barcodes are used to organise large amounts of data. Tickets in theatres, plays, sports events, fairs, and transportation have been very helpful in consolidating and keeping track of information. Indeed, the barcode has become an indispensable part of modern society.

Barcode tattoos are often used as abstract body art. Most people wear bar code tattoos to make a statement.

A number of individuals want to sport bar code tattoos of expensive and luxurious items. The barcode is obtained from the web or by looking at displays in shops and then magnify these to be used as  tattoo designs.

On the other hand, the barcode tattoo can be an ironic symbol. Some individuals use it to protest the excessive commercialism seen in our society today. If we are not cautious, we are at risk of becoming merely products ourselves. It is sometimes seen as a sign that can mean that we humans are all just numbers with bar codes.

Popular locations to get inked with this design are on the nape, forehead, wrists, hands, and ankles. If you would want to have a bar code tattoo, visibility is often the key. The bar code tattoos are exclusively done in black, although some use dark blue, moss green, or purple for variation. Some personalized barcode tattoos actually do work under bar code scanners. Larger designs scan better and have fewer errors in reading.

If you do decide to get a barcode tattoo, you must know that just like other tats, they can slowly blend out over time. All tattoos change with age and if you are not careful, you might end up with one unattractive blob of black ink. Choose areas in the body that are flat so as to maintain the perfect design for as long as possible.