Are Tattoos Still an Issue in the Professional Work Place?

tattoosTattoos nowadays are very much accepted and we no longer see them in a negative light. Surveys indicate that 1 out of 5 persons have at least 1 tattoo. About half of ages 26 to 40 have one tattoo. Another survey shows that less than half of students studying law will have at least one tattoo by time they’ve finish school.

Professions that are not really affected by tattoos are celebrities, professional athletes, hair dressers, photographers, mechanics, industrial workers, construction or some professions that work behind the scenes like chefs. In these professions, having an exposed tattoo is no problem and sometimes tattoos are even expected. So, what does this lead to other professions?

Some health workers like doctors, nurses, medical technicians and the like, will admit that they have one or more tattoos. As mentioned above, 45% of law students have a tattoo by the time they graduate from college and that will definitely increase when they start practicing.

Though tattoos are generally accepted, some industries still prefer a “clean skin” especially companies that offer services to the public. Hiring managers will most likely reject anyone with an exposed tattoo because they regard this as unprofessional. A lot of tattoo removal clinics states that most of their patients do not regret having their tattoo, but are having it removed due to occupational reasons. So how do some professionals especially the one on the medical field get away with having a tattoo?

Tattoos and white collared jobs don’t really match. Some firms or companies probably still find tattoos as a something negative and is not that accepted – yet. But to get into this conservative world, one way to own a tattoo is to hide it. No matter how small or big the tattoo, if it’s well hidden, then it won’t be a problem. So if professional work comes to mind, think ahead and place it where it can be well hidden.