Another New Tattoo For Justin Beiber

new tattooJustin Beiber got another tattoo! Three months earlier the pop singer got the title of his album “Believe” tattooed on his left arm. Last August 31, he took to his tweeter page to inform all his fans of his new tattoo.

Apparently, there are no events whatsoever why he got it and maybe he just felt like getting a new one.

The seventh tattoo is a small crown located on his right upper chest below his shoulder. He tweeted “new tattoo”, “it’s a crown if you couldn’t tell”

With an accompanying picture, indeed it is difficult to visualize Justin’s new tattoo. This is because instead of standing in front of a mirror in a well lit room and take a picture, he is lying on a bed, semi-prone, shirtless and very close to the camera.

Other ink art JB have are: a picture of Jesus on his left calf, a pair of praying hands just below Jesus face, a seagull on his left hip, the word Jesus written in Hebrew letters on his left ribcare and a small Kanji symbol which means “music” on his right forearm.