AfterInked Tattoo Aftercare: Excellent For New or Existing Tattoos

tattoo aftercareIn the past, the process of getting a tattoo is very laborious, time consuming and a lot more painful. This involved dipping a needle on ink and manually pressing the tip into the skin to deliver the pigment into the second layer of the skin. This requires a lot of skill from the artist because the shading of a tattoo depends on how shallow or deep the ink is delivered into the skin. Imagine the pain and time involved for just one piece to finish.

Thankfully, modern day tattoo machines make the job easier and faster, drastically reducing the time of the client being exposed to pain.

This is also very true with tattoo aftercare. Tattoo care in the old days was a real problem because there weren’t any products available for tattoo aftercare. Of course there were commercial antiseptics and antibacterial creams/liquids like povidone-iodine and alcohol, but these products can stain, fade or cause irregular discolorations to a new tattoo. So the best thing that happened to tattoo aftercare back then was the nappy lotion. This lotion is mostly made vitamin A and is meant to treat rashes on a baby’s bottom.

You will be surprised that some modern day tattoo artist still advice their clients to use nappy lotions. But why use a lotion that’s not specifically made for tattoos. Today’s tattoo aftercare lotion doesn’t just contain Vitamin A, they contain a lot more.

Afterinked is a premium tattoo aftercare lotion that is specifically made for tattoos. Afterinked is completely vegan; its main ingredient is grape seed oil which is known for its high anti oxidant content and skin moisturizing properties, excellent for wound healing and keeping the skin moist. It’s also good to mention that Afterinked is great for existing tattoos, it lifts back the colour and details of old tattoos.