5 Popular Tattoo Designs for Women

tattoo designs for womenIn the past, tattoos were mostly for tough looking men. These days, more and more women are getting tattoos as well. However, women often prefer smaller tattoos while men often tend to go overboard and get larger pieces. Below are five popular tattoo designs for women.

The rose is probably among the most common tattoo for girls. It has been long used as a symbol of love. It was originally thought to be white in colour. It turned red when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, accidentally pricked herself with one of its thorns and bled onto the petals. A rose tattoo is also a representation of beauty. The red rose tattoo symbolizes love and passion, white rose tattoo for purity, yellow rose tattoo for friendship and devotion, and pink roses for healing.

Butterflies are also popular tattoo designs for women. Aside from the natural beauty of the butterfly, it also symbolises transformation and rebirth. Butterfly tattoos are delicate designs and are seen as very feminine. A butterfly tattoo can be small and suitable on the wrist, ankle, or fingers. Big designs also look well when placed on the chest, lower back, or between the shoulders.

Tattoo designs with a flock of birds are generally popular because they symbolise freedom. Most bird tattoos have positive meanings so they are preferred by women. The design can be simply in black or may also be in different vibrant colours.

Heart tattoos are another favourite among women. The heart is the universal symbol of love and the heart tattoo can be very small or may be designed to cover a large area of the skin. It can be used in a wide variety of colours, styles, and designs. There are many variations to the heart tattoo such as the flaming heart, broken heart, locked heart, hearts with arrows, heart with cupid, and many others.

Tribal tattoos are derived from various art styles – Mayan, Maori, Aztec, Egyptian, and the like. In the past, tribal tattoos were thought to hold magical properties and protective powers. Today, the tribal tattoos are more for decorative purposes. These tattoos are also popular among women because of their beauty, intricate design, and flexibility.

Before getting a tattoo, know more about the kinds of designs and choose one which will suit you even years later. Then pick the right tattoo artist, be prepared, and once you get the tat, practice good tattoo aftercare.